July 20, 2023

Sentynl Therapeutics Supports Phase 2 of Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine® BeginNGS™ Program to Identify Treatable Genetic Diseases in Newborns

Sentynl celebrates one year as a founding member of BeginNGS™ and continues support to advance screening for 419 treatable, genetic disorders in newborns

Solana Beach, CA – July 20, 2023Sentynl Therapeutics, Inc. (Sentynl), a U.S.-based biopharmaceutical company focused on bringing innovative therapies to patients living with rare diseases, announced its continued support of the Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine® (RCIGM) BeginNGS™ program (pronounced Beginnings) as it completes its inaugural year.

BeginNGS is a multi-stakeholder collaboration program with the goal of ending the rare disease diagnostic and therapeutic odyssey for babies and their families. With active engagement from Sentynl and 22 other founding members, BeginNGS is designed to screen newborns for hundreds of known, treatable genetic diseases, so medical professionals can identify treatment options before symptoms arise.

“The BeginNGS initiative is close to our hearts at Sentynl, as we’re dedicated to bringing innovative therapies to patients living with rare disease,” said Jennifer Reese, Senior Vice President, Head of Medical Affairs of Sentynl Therapeutics. “By increasing the use and availability of rapid whole genome sequencing, patients can receive diagnosis and intervention faster. It is incredibly rewarding to join forces with Rady Children’s and BeginNGS members, and we look forward to deepening our impact on patients and caregivers in years to come.”

RCIGM is known for its pediatric Rapid Precision Medicine and providing rapid Whole Genome Sequencing™ for critically ill infants and children in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit).

“Genetic diseases are among the leading causes of severe illness and death in children. Hundreds of these genetic diseases have effective treatments, but families typically undergo years of medical testing before a diagnosis is reached and treatment is started. We want to right this wrong,” said Stephen Kingsmore, MD, DSc, President and CEO of Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine, in a press release. “Finding a way for children to receive effective treatment – before they have any symptoms of disease – isn’t an easy problem to solve, and we’re extremely grateful for the support of each of the founding partners who are working with us towards this urgent goal.”

Founding members, including Sentynl, comprise leading organizations in genetics, biopharma, biotech, information technology and patient advocacy groups, which allows BeginNGS to address the multifaceted issues surrounding rare disease diagnosis and treatments. RCIGM continues to seek additional like-minded organizations who are interested in making whole genome sequencing screening a standard of care for newborns and infants. To learn more, visit the BeginNGS website here.


About Sentynl Therapeutics
Sentynl Therapeutics is a U.S.-based biopharmaceutical company focused on bringing innovative therapies to patients living with rare diseases. The company was acquired by the Zydus Group in 2017. Sentynl’s experienced management team has previously built multiple successful pharmaceutical companies. With a focus on commercialization, Sentynl looks to source effective and well differentiated products across a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas to address unmet needs. Sentynl is committed to the highest ethical standards and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and industry guidelines. For more information, visit https://sentynl.com/.

About Rady Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine
We are transforming pediatric critical care by advancing disease-specific healthcare for infants and children with rare disease. Discoveries at the Institute are enabling rapid diagnosis and targeted treatment of critically ill newborns and pediatric patients at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego and a growing network of more than 90 children’s hospitals nationwide. The vision is to expand delivery of this life-changing technology to enable the practice of Rapid Precision Medicine™ at children’s hospitals across the nation and the world. RCIGM is a non-profit, research institute embedded within Rady Children’s Hospital and Health Center. Learn more at RadyGenomics.org. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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